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The multi-disciplinary efforts required in the scientific programme are split into four major sub-projects:

1: Expression Tools - Is dedicated to develop innovative technology and tools for the expression and purification of protein complexes.

2: Complex Validation - Ensures that the purified complexes are homogenous enough to undergo further structural characterization. Furthermore, it is a fundamental tool to guide improvement of the complex purification protocols as well as to provide additional information such as stoichiometry, interaction networks (by MS) and protein shape (by EM).

3: Structural Analysis - Represents the “core” of 3D Repertoire, where complementary techniques are expected to provide the structural information which is the main objective of 3D Repertoire. Purified and validated protein complexes are tackled by X-ray crystallography, NMR, EM and tomography.

4: Complex Bioinformatics - Distributes information to the partners on new complexes and collect the structural data produced within the project. From the information gathered and the growing database of known 3D structures it will generate (high throughput) complex structures and make predictions related to disease and complex function.

The connections between sub-projects (SP) and work-packages (WP) are summarised in the figure below: